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Between Us – a documentary film by Dorota Proba
Is there a recipe for a successful relationship? Can love withstand the test of time? Three couples, which differ in terms of their age, experience and the relationship's duration, reveal their fears and dreams related to their life together in front of the camera. Dorota Proba approaches her protagonists with great sensitivity, and they respond with total frankness. The result is a very intimate and warm film, not without some difficult questions, surprising answers, intense emotions and humor, just like life itself.​​​​​​​
UPcoming Screenings

bydgoszcz, poland | november 2020
05 11 2020__20:00
MCK Kino Orzeł 
international premiere | competition: between the seas
jihlava, czech republic | october-november 2020

PAST Screenings | Awards

Tofifest Film Festival
toruń, poland | october 2020
best polish film award

Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival
poland | september-october 2020
best polish film award

Kraków Film Festival 
polish premiere | krakow, poland | may 2020
☛ details

written and directed by   Dorota Proba
cinematography   Weronika Bilska
co-production   Wajda Studio
executive producers   Wojciech Marczewski, Karolina Mróz
production managers   Rafał Kęska, Magda Gnaś, Anna Stachowiak
sound recording   Anna Rok, Dorota Proba
graphic design   Piotr Karski
Dorota Proba – portrait
Dorota Proba
was born in Canada in 1989. She is a graduate of the Wajda School and the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied Stage Design. She took part in the 2014 edition of the Academy’s Coming Out exhibition, a presentation of the best graduation works. Author of animations, music videos and trailers. She lives and works in Warsaw.
Technical info
title   Between Us (polish title: Między Nami)
genre   documentary, relationships
duration   52 minutes
world premiere   Kraków Film Festival, 2020
format    16:9, 1920x1080, colour, sound: 5.1
production    Munk Studio
Between Us – upper part of movie's poster
Dorota Proba
sales and promotion
Michał Hudzikowski
+48 22 556 54 83
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